About Us

Our goal is to provide the best academic and social environment possible for your child while striving to provide each student and parent with a sense of what it means to be part of a truly caring and sharing community.

We find that when parents, teachers and children communicate, share ideas, and lend support to one another, we are able to do a more effective job of raising a generation of children who will feel more secure and have a better sense of who they are.

Many of our concepts are considered innovative. Our classes are based on individual ability rather than grade level, a school of thought which encourages rather than stifles individual growth. Most unique is our belief that learning and fun are synonymous. We know that children’s educational needs may vary and change, but is always essential that they feel love, security and consistency. Filling and supporting these emotional needs is critical in their ability to achieve their potential academically.

Together, we really can make a positive difference in helping to shape the future of your children. Please remember that the foundation for building good relationships starts here, and the best example for relationship building comes from you as parents and from us as educators. We look forward to our partnership with you in this adventure!