School Policies

Uniform Policy

All Lower and Middle School students are required to purchase our uniforms, which are distributed directly through our uniform provider, Risse Brothers. For immediate assistance, please call their office at 407-339-1486 and ask for Justin. All parents must also ensure their child is properly dressed prior to arrival for classes at Discovery Academy. A copy of the Uniform Policy Agreement must be signed before the student’s first day of school. While we strive to promote a creative learning environment, we also desire to create a sense of equality and pride in every student. Therefore, the Uniform Policy Agreement must be strictly adhered to or the student may face possible expulsion.

Arrival/Dismissal & Attendance Policy

To avoid congestion, we ask that you not park in the drop-off circle at any time. Parking is defined as leaving your car unattended in these areas or sitting in your car for an extended period without moving. If you are caught parked in the circle during school business hours, a fine may be added to your account balance.Please note that school arrival times are strictly enforced and parents may not drop off students earlier than 7:55 for VPK classes and 8:15 for K-Grade 8. If a student is tardy for any reason, parents will be required to stop by the school office to sign a tardy slip for their child, which will be given to the teacher for attendance purposes. Please understand that excessive tardies and absences throughout the school year may lower a student’s grade. Regular attendance is essential for academic growth.

Tuition Payment Policy

Payment options include cash, check, and credit/debit card. Checks should be made payable to “Discovery Academy.” Depending on your payment plan, tuition is due by the first Tuesday of each month or trimester. A $10.00/week fee will be assessed on all late payments. If tuition is not paid by Friday of the same week, the student may not be allowed to return to school and will risk losing his/her spot until balance is paid in full.